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Bernardo Zijlstra

Directeur bij Werk & Visie

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    Bernardo Zaggel aangepast! Ook hier onze organisatie te vinden
    6 jaar/jaren geleden
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Are you looking for Finance, IT, Sales or HR staff?
5 Reasons why your choice should be Work & Vision / Werk & Visie:

You're not a customer or client, you're a relationship.
Work & Vision believes in collaborative growth. Therefore we always work
to a solution that is interesting for all parties concerned. We believe that
through honest and open communications with our relationships, we help preventing
misunderstandings and succesfully reach the deliverables..

You succeed, because we see no borders.
Work & Vision has a wide range of job seekers. We activate your question in
the Netherlands, but you can also request to receive a large number of job seekers
from the other countries within the EU offer.

You make no unnecessary costs because we operate on a no cure no pay.
Work & Vision recruits all your job requests in the Netherlands and
the rest of de EU at zero charge. As an employer, free of charge, you can position your
vacancies on our website.

You can contact Work & Vision for temporary and structural solutions.
Each organization requires a different approach. We work with you to
rapid, adequate solutions.
However, the best solutions for the short term, should not be the most
ideal for the long term. Work &Vision understands that an adjustment in
a changing situation requires structural cooperation. In these situations
we think along with you and help in finding the right solutions which fits
bests for your Company.

You decide!
You can use a search-and-selection task with us.
You can create a temporary employment contract with us.
You can design a payroll agreement with us.