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Partner bij Inmobilia Uruguay Real Estate Partnership

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    Christian @iliemarcel Hello from Uruguay !!! Have a great tuesday and lets keep in touch.
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48 years old. Married. 3 children.
Farm Manager in Argentina. Working on two farms, specialized in cattle production and fattening.
Consultant for foreign clients in this partnership in Uruguay.
Offering outstanding real estate and other types of business in this country, known for its famous beaches and resorts like Punta del Este, Jose Ignacio, Laguna Garzon, Cabo Polonio.
Montevideo, Uruguay´s capital city is also the Mercosur capital.
The Southern Common Market (Mercosur) trade bloc is composed of the four founding members in 1991: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Since 2008, Venezuela, Chile and Bolivia are associate members. In addition, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia have expressed their desire to join the group, but are to some extent, limited by their own Community of Andean Nations. Mexico has also expressed interest.
After this news, you, your company and its customers will be able to offer products and services to these nations, reaching 400 million people from this great place with exceptional people, logistics, transportation, culture, food and hunger for success .