Marcel's Profiel

Marcel Sandru

Vicepresedinte bij Asociatia Filantropica "Timi&Raluca"


Charity "TIMI & Raluca", is a nongovernmental humanitarian and charity, unconditional political, ethnic, racial and religious purposes patrimonial, to assist persons with disabilities, physical, mental and social and other categories of persons in difficulty ., operating in accordance with the law by members signatories Association will set up legal form of organization under GO no.26/2000 with changes

and subsequently under the name nr.83214 availability of 03/29/2010, issued by the Ministry of Justice, Directorate for public relations and NGO records.

Philanthropic Association aims "TIMI & Raluca"

- Identifying and helping children with health problems and those with birth, street children, those in shelters, identifying and helping abused children or parents of physically abused and / or psychological recovery of children and the disabled , the helpless elderly, their integration into standards of civilized society, and helping needy families, the elderly and others who need help.

- Fundraising for children with birth defects, disability, helpless old people, etc..

- Elderly care and providing food and medicines to address them.

- Establish an office for counseling and help those in trouble.

- Establish a temporary accommodation center, with food and can ensure the necessary conditions for abandoned children or elderly, to find a permanent solution reintegration (placement in foster homes, permanent centers, nursing home, etc.)

- Establishment of a micro-agro-livestock farms in order to self-financing.

- Implement promotional activities to support sponsorship;

- Promote and material support of young talents and gifted children coming from orphanages or poor families.

- Working with corporate and home and abroad to achieve the objectives and fulfilling.

- Finding the best ways of collaboration with the network of public and private hospitals to address and resolve difficult cases;

- Activities to protect and conserve the environment.

- Animal protection activities.

- Other, with cinditia offending not in force.

Objectives: A.F.T.R. has as main concern, activities that are required to improve the lifestyle of people in the major difficulty of all ages, people homeless, families with many children, abandoned children, street children or those of plasamant centers, the elderly, with or without disabilities, etc..
We are concerned with the provision of social services, educational, cultural and appropriate medical.

If you wish to get involved, and hope with all my heart to do so, please call payment methods implemented on the site or use the association"s accounts, with the express specification of the case which means that you wish to support.This means that you specify the child"s name or project that you want to find them in ongoing support.The projects we have you find under "Projects"

Thank you for your decision to be implicated.This is how we can put into practice our motto, which is "Together We can help tem"

God Bless you!